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With a population of over 100 million, Mexico is the world's largest Spanish speaking nation. It is also Latin America's fourth largest country, with Mexico City having 23 million people. Constitutional changes in 1992 have granted fairer treatment for religious minorities, and in 2000 there was a peaceful democratic change of government. While Evangelicals were only 2% in 1960, by 2000 they were over 7%. In the central highlands, there exists a "circle of silence" in which there are very few evangelical believers. OAC began its ministry in this region of Mexico.
Our first Mexican evangelist, Misael Hernandez, lives in Guadalajara, Mexico's second most populated city, with his wife Taira and two children. In this area only 1 person in every 1000 is an evangelical Christian. Hundreds of other towns and ranches also exist in the region with few or no believers. Misael works alongside pastors and churches, proclaiming the gospel in plazas, town squares, and neighborhoods. He has also trained church teams in OAC methods, and one especially in Guadalajara is having a very effective ministry in nearby plazas.
Misael (right) interpreting Roland (OAC Brazil)
  Drama team in Guadalajara 
Crowds show great interest, with many responding
Children's open air meeting in a neighbourhood 
A crowd drawn to an open air presentation 
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