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Newsletter of David & Elaine Wilson - June 2020

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)


Dear Friend,

As we move through the pandemic, we who know the Lord can have His peace within. Sadly, in the US over 100,000 have died through the Coronavirus. A hidden tragedy is also that over 800,000 will die this year through abortion. While there have been peaceful demonstrations against the murder of an unarmed and handcuffed man by a police officer, criminal elements have used this as an excuse to loot and burn. Jesus said that plagues and lawlessness would come in advance of His return, and then He will bring peace on earth as He reigns as King of kings. There will be a Day of Judgment. Until then, we should be available to be used by the Lord as His witnesses and peacemakers, that more souls may be added to His kingdom. Our Lord overcame the world, and through Him we also can be overcomers.


Far away in the south Pacific lies the little country of New Zealand. On the north island, a boy grew up on a sheep farm. He loved the sheep, but yearned to fly. At 14 he felt a clear call to be a missionary, and thought he would one day be a jungle pilot. While still at high school, he saved every penny and got a private pilot’s license at the local Aero Club. At 21 he had a commercial license, and was accepted to be a pilot with the national airline, now called Air NZ. A friend pressured him to attend a Christian Camp, and finally he gave in and went.

Also, on the north island, a girl grew up in a seaside town, swimming before she could walk. At 15, she felt led to surrender her life to the Lord to be whatever He wanted her to be. She began training to be a dental nurse, operating on children’s teeth. She was also pressured by her friend to go to the same Christian Camp, and finally gave in and went.

It was love at first sight for David (22) when he saw Elaine (18) reciting a poem called “If Jesus came to your house...” When Elaine met him and learned he was a pilot, she said, “I am very interested in flying” (pilots). Their first date was in the cockpit of a DC-3 airliner. A year later they were married (photo #1). Now 57 years have passed since that Divine Appointment and they are still in love. God has blessed them with three sons.

Elaine was active in evangelism with Youth for Christ. She shared the gospel with them in a prison for delinquent girls, and on a beach in children’s meetings. After one of the airliners crashed in mountains 20 miles from where David was flying, killing everyone including the crew whom he knew but had never witnessed to, he found himself in an open air meeting with OAC. Asked to give a testimony, he stumbled through it by telling about the crash and his faith in Christ for eternal life. It was scary, but as he looked at the faces listening, he experienced enormous joy. What a privilege to point people to the Savior who died for him! From then on, every Sunday, when he wasn’t flying, he was with the OAC team in the park learning to preach (photo #2). Evangelism became my calling as we reached the unreached with the Good News of Salvation. Even a gang leader and some of the members came to Christ and joined our team.

I had become a captain, and we wondered when God would lead us to become missionaries. God’s call became very clear in 1967, so I resigned, cashed in my pension, sold our house and car, left everything, boarded a ship and we sailed for the US (photo #3). NZ did not have a Bible College offering a degree. After engine breakdowns in mid-Pacific, we finally arrived in Florida and went by bus to the Bible College now called Columbia International University. Our money ran out in 20 months, and so I worked as a construction laborer, carpenter, night watchman, etc. and graduated by God’s grace debt free. Elaine also took Bible courses and was an “A” student.

In 1970, we joined OAC USA and wanted to go to Africa, but there were no OAC Branches there. So we were sent to the Baltimore/Washington DC Branch, where we found the inner city mostly African American. We learned to live totally by faith, trusting God to provide for our personal and ministry support through His dear people. Many young people went to Ocean City in the summer, so we went there and reached thousands of them in our beach meetings (photo #4). There were wonderful conversions, even one planning to commit suicide that night, who became a great volunteer and Christian counselor. The inner city was also fruitful (photo #5), where a local church followed-up the new believers. There were murders, prostitution and drugs, “but where sin abounded, grace abounded much more” (Rom.5:20). Elaine had a fruitful ministry speaking at many Christian Women’s Clubs in several States, teaching her Good News Club, and later began teaching in Church Preschools. One child, who came to Christ, is now in heaven. He was killed years later as a passenger in a car crash. Others have also believed.

After taking a year’s sabbatical in India, we returned to the US and I began the Overseas Ministries of OAC (now known as Worldwide Proclamation). The goal was to establish OAC Branches with National Evangelists in developing nations. The first was Jamaica, where Keith still continues to preach after 36 years (photo # 6). Last year they reached 107,000 people. Ecuador was another Branch in 2001 with David and Monica Proaño. David has just become the President of OAC International (the position I held in 1996-2004). They recently moved to an Indian Community at about 10,000 feet. Initially the president of the community did not welcome them, but when his son was radically converted, his testimony drew all the family to Christ. Now, even in the pandemic, they are all studying the Bible with David (photo #7). In India, the teacher at one of our 4 sewing schools asked for help because her students couldn’t work due to the lock down. We were able to send money for her to buy food for them & their families (photo #8).

Presently, all our evangelists around the world are on lockdown. They are like fishermen mending their nets, but are ready at the Lord’s command to “launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch” (Lk.5:4). They are also finding ways to share the gospel even on the internet. There are signs that God is using this pandemic to soften people’s hearts to the gospel. My time is taken every day communicating on-line with our evangelists, preparing for future trips overseas, even testifying on Zoom to some of my 1956 High School Classmates, and spending precious time in God’s Word. Elaine is back teaching the Bible to 4-years-olds at the church preschool. Both of us have no plans to retire, as we are only 80 and 77.


  • For 50 years serving God as missionaries by His grace and for His glory.
  • For over half-a-million people reached face to face with the Gospel last year.
  • For our faithful supporters who continue to stand with us during this pandemic so we can keep all our staff evangelists and sewing school teachers. May God meet all your needs, including your jobs, income, health and protection.


  • For the Lord to lead regarding my trips to the Congo in Sept. and India in Nov., 2020.
  • For Elaine and the church school to be protected from the Coronavirus.
  • For the Lord of the harvest to continue providing for every need in this ministry. Most gifts given to “Where Most Needed” go to our evangelists in India and Kenya. 


The Lord bless you, and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace.” (Num.6:24-26)

in Christ,

               David & Elaine
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