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Newsletter of David & Elaine Wilson - March 2021


MARCH 2021

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.

They are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.” (Lam.3:22-23)


Dear Friend,

Thank God for His great love, compassion and faithfulness, or we would be consumed. How wonderful to know that even in a pandemic, “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” (Deut.33:27)

After joining this mission in Baltimore/DC as an evangelist in 1970, and spending a year in Asia with my family in church planting (1979-80), I was led by the Lord to establish branches in developing nations with trained national evangelists. Every year it has been my joy to preach with them. In 2019, the 12 national branches reached over 500,000 people. Then came the pandemic. But through constant contact with our evangelists by whatsapp, zoom, telephone, etc. to encourage and guide them, and with the Lord graciously providing support for us all through His dear people, we have lost no staff. In fact, we have just added three more. When the Covid restrictions are lifted, our evangelists will all be heading out into their harvest fields, and I will be joining them. Meanwhile they have found ways to evangelize.

ECUADOR David Proaño writes, “A year and a half ago, the president of the LLUCUD indigenous (Indian) community allowed us to hold a volley ball sporting event on the community's main court. We asked the president to form 4 volleyball teams to make a tournament, and that we were going to give the prizes. This community had agreed not to allow any religious group to preach among themselves. However, thanks to a brother in Christ who was a friend of the president, we were able to get permission. We asked a mission team from an Alabama Baptist Church in the US to bring us some prizes for the winners of the event.

The event started at 5:00 PM, and we immediately did a drama with the Alabama team (all of them were over 60 years old). After the drama, I (David) presented an evangelistic message. At the end I invited everyone who would like to study the Bible and receive a free Bible to come the next Friday at 7:30 pm and we would start the studies.

That Friday about 8 people attended, the following Friday 12 people, and so little by little the group grew. On January 1st 2020 we started to meet on Sundays at 10:30 am in order to worship and learn more of the Bible. Today, the Bible study continues, only being stopped for a while because of the pandemic. Now we have around 60 people - including children - attending our meetings (photos 1 & 2). Some come to both meetings. Every Friday and Sunday Monica (David’s wife) picks up people in the community and David returns them to their homes. After each meeting we have a time to share coffee with bread or cake. This April we will be baptizing believers. In addition, many couples who had not been married have asked us to have a church wedding ceremony.

We also have a children’s club every Friday where we teach them a little English and Bible. Our daughter Isabella has a Bible study for the young ladies once a week, and around 15 young ladies are being discipled. They come with us to the open air outreaches to share the gospel faithfully! Praise the Lord! God must receive all the glory as we are just His servants, but rejoice to see how His powerful hand is over this little church in the middle of the Andes mountains.” [David is training a young qualified man to become the pastor, which will free David up in his fulltime ministry as a frontline evangelist.]

PARAGUAY Felipe writes: “From May to December 2020, we have been evangelizing at parks, open fields, friend’s sidewalks and fire stations. We have been always respecting the sanitary laws and not allowing groups of people that don’t know each other to closely gather. We also try to locate ourselves at a distance in places of easy visibility, and place the speakers in 4 directions. Fatima (Felipe’s wife) has been joining us as well and sharing the gospel with children using the chemical cross method.

We are being seen by many people, and even a local television channel shared our ministry and labeled it as positive news. Praise Jesus! Total activities during Covid-19 from April to Dec. were 192 evangelistic meetings. We give glory to God.” [Felipe and his team have recently been going into the prisons, where the hearts of many are wide open to the gospel (photos 3 & 4). Felipe’s staff includes his son, Tony.]

PERU Jorge and Suani are located in the huge capital city of Lima. Jorge writes: “Like everywhere else, our nation became severely affected by the pandemic, being the fifth highest in the world in one month, and first with most deaths in terms of population… But we found opportunities to preach without leaving our home, including online… In most places we still cannot preach as before, but there are two special places that God has provided for us to proclaim His gospel. The first one is Plaza San Martín, a busy place where the unemployed have increased and young people are struggling against many sins. They attend our meetings, looking for a message that reaches their hearts. The other place is called “Ollas Comunes” [Common Pots], very poor places where a group of volunteers cook in big pots and distribute the food. The prices are low, even in some cases free. We provide the spiritual input.” (Photo 5)

KENYA Richard, a Christian mechanic, prepares our 3 vehicles for service (Photo 6). Our 5 evangelists anxiously wait for the Covid -19 restrictions to be lifted, so they can begin their open air meetings and school assemblies again. In 2019 they reached over 100,000 people.


  • For those who have come to faith in Christ through this ministry.
  • For our national evangelists in the 12 countries where branches are established, both for their protection and support as they proclaim the Gospel on the frontlines of evangelism.
  • For three new evangelists who have just joined our staff: Terrance (Kenya), David (Kenya), and Rodion (Russia). They are qualified and called to reach their own countrymen.
  • For our “Where Most Needed” fund, which subsidizes our evangelists in need.
  • For Elaine as she presents the way of salvation to the Christian Academy students in 4 weekly chapels, as well as teaching Bible to her class.
  • For my future travel to preach with our evangelists overseas. As soon Covid restrictions stop and they are vaccinated, I will go. Elaine and I have just been vaccinated (Moderna).

We are very grateful to you who are standing with us and this ministry with your vital prayers and support. You are always appreciated as the Lord uses you to make this ministry possible. We are “laborers together with God.” Great is His faithfulness.

May God bless and keep you, as you “abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psa. 91:1)

Compelled by His Love,
David & Elaine 

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