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Newsletter of David & Elaine Wilson - December 2020




Dear Friend,

“Through it all, through it all,

I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God.

Through it all, through it all, Oh, I’ve learned to depend upon God’s word.”

When we first came to the States in 1967, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed with so many new things to learn, two tiny boys to care for, worries about school, finances, etc., and the little chorus quoted above became real and powerful in our lives. We saw how God wonderfully did what we could not do, and saw us through every trial.

If there ever was a year when we could say “through it all,” it has been this year of 2020. We have seen devastation and destruction, masks and mayhem, and untold suffering and loss. We will truly never forget it, and none of us has been untouched by it.

And yet… we have seen evidence of the Hand of God “through it all” – and I would like to share some of these with you:

- “through it all” - we have seen the Gospel go forth. Even though David has been unable to travel until the Covid 19 vaccine comes out, he has faithfully spent countless hours helping to guide the work from home base through endless calls and emails, some zoom devotional meetings to our staff, and much time spent working on legal problems in South Asia. We have seen the staff encouraged and their focus kept on the ministry. We have seen new staff brought on in Kenya and the Congo. We have seen Chip Welton, who has taken David’s place as Director, develop very good leadership skills, leaving David free to be Field Director. Also, David has helped our new OACI President as the OACI Administrator.

I, too, have been grateful to keep on working, parttime now, and sharing the Bible stories with precious children is my great joy.

- “through it all” – as beloved colleagues John and Sue Cutlip stood outside their home very early one morning, and watched it burn to the ground with all their belongings, yet they were able to give glorious testimony to the peace and power of God in their lives, and have seen God wonderfully provide a new home until they rebuild and all their needs met.

- “through it all,” and this was way before 2020, a young Jewish girl gave birth in a barn in Bethlehem to the Savior, the One who had come to be the Light of the World,

the only way to Heaven. Corrie Ten Boom, when she was released from Ravensbruk Concentration Camp in Germany during the Second World War, said – “I came out weak and sick, but with a heart that burned to tell the world that the Light of Jesus outshines the greatest darkness.” May that glorious Light shine in your hearts today and always.

- “And through it all” You, our dearest supporters and friends, have hung in there with us, giving sacrificially to this work. I am crying as I write this, for your love and faithfulness is beyond amazing. We cannot express what you mean to us, but we are truly grateful, and pray that, whatever your circumstances are right now, God will bless you so abundantly and keep you in His care in 2021. Better things are coming!

We love you,

Elaine & David

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