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Newsletter of David & Elaine Wilson - September 2020

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send out laborers into His harvest." (Matthew 9:37-38)


Dear Friend,

How do we find evangelists to work on our fulltime staff? We pray to the Lord of the harvest to send them to us. As they prove their calling, we know we can trust them to be faithful, even in distant lands. That is why during the Corona virus pandemic we are trusting God to provide for them so they can remain on staff. Thank God that He is doing this through His dear people, and none have had to go. The following are two of their testimonies, and two glorious ministry stories.

TESTIMOMY – CONGO (DRC): Fred Nvunyinka

Fred grew up in the Congo (formerly Zaire). His tribe is called Tutsi. In 1994, over 1 million innocent Tutsi people were killed in 3 months. Even today tribes are killing each other in the district where Fred grew up. Some of his relatives have been killed.

Fred was born in a Christian family and was taken to church. At 17 he was one of the singers and leaders of the choir. He left to study at a university in Uganda, and then went to Rwanda, where he attended a good church. Finally, there he became a true Christian who could testify about his salvation and faith. After receiving a promise from God that he was called to be a fulltime evangelist, he took time to pray. He felt God telling him he would receive a sign through someone not speaking his mother tongue, and he would go with him in evangelism.

One day he received a call asking if he could speak English, French and Swahili. He could speak all three. Then he was told that I needed an interpreter for these languages in Kenya, and would pay his way to come. These signs made him know that this was his time to start in God’s work. As he interpreted in our open air meetings, he was full of joy. I could see that he would fit perfectly into our mission as an evangelist. After we parted, I waited and prayed for God to confirm his calling to Fred. A few months later, he wrote me saying he felt led to join OAC. I asked if he would be our pioneer evangelist for the DRC. He said “YES!”

Everything fell into place. A donor in Australia, who had a burden for the Congo, had written me offering to underwrite the cost of a vehicle and his support. In May, 2019, we registered OAC with the government, and bought a new Landcruiser for the ministry. As he interpreted me in the open air meetings and school assemblies, he learned our methods, which worked so well in the Congo. Several thousand were reached before I left. By December of the same year, almost 49,000 people had been reached through Fred’s ministry (photo # 2), with many trusting Christ.

Fred has recently graduated from an excellent Bible Training Center for pastors. I met his fiancée, but he could not afford the Dowry. It was 6 cows at $500 each. Again, God used the Australian donor to provide, and Fred and Beatrice were married (photo #1). Ebola, a fatal disease was present in the city where we are based, so after a vaccine was developed, they were vaccinated. As soon as the coronavirus plague is passed and we are all vaccinated, Fred will be back in the fields that are white for harvest. I look forward to preaching with him again.

TESTIMONY – KENYA: Jacinta Mueni

Jacinta’s mother was very young when she got pregnant. Tying her stomach tightly with a belt, she tried to hide and abort the child. Her grandmother found out and told her not to do this, but that she would raise the child. She was a Christian, and true to her word, she took Jacinta. She took her to Sunday School, and at 10 years of age, Jacinta put her trust in Christ as her Savior. When she was in form two (12 years old)), she had to drop out of school because she couldn't afford the school fees. A Catholic nun decided to take her to a Catholic class so she might become a nun, but her grandmother refused. At the age of 21 Jacinta was married and they were blessed with a bouncing baby girl. “My marriage was heaven on earth, but for a short time, because after two years my husband was killed and I was left behind with my daughter.” Food, house rent, school fees for her daughter, resulted sometimes in them sleeping in a church.

“During those tough days I didn't lose my faith, although I was asking God so many questions in pain. I went door to door doing evangelism, whereby one day I met the OAC ministry showing the Jesus film. After the film, as OAC staff were packing instruments into the vehicle, I found myself helping them. After packing I left to my house but funny thing, I was feeling a strange thing in my heart, sometimes I could feel something telling me, ‘OAC, OAC.’

“One day as I was going to church, I received a phone call from unknown number. I asked who it was? The person calling me said he was a director of OAC. I asked where he got my phone number? He said from a pastor. He requested me to see them in OAC office in Isiolo where they were stationed. I was staying in Isiolo. After many questions about my personal and Christian life, the OAC staff requested me to assist them in financial reports and ministry reports as a part time worker. After two years I was approved as full OAC staff evangelist. Up to date I have been serving as an evangelist in reaching unreached people in schools, hospitals, prisons, orphanages, etc. In my present ministry I really thank the Lord for He has been so faithful as I humble myself before His throne, so the Almighty God may use me according to His will. May the Lord receive all the glory and honor because of my life. As He says in his word, He knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb.” (photo #3)

Jacinta is an answer to prayer and serves on OAC Kenya staff as a fulltime evangelist, our bookkeeper, secretary and my translator. She has graduated from a Bible Training Center for pastors, and her daughter is attending college. Last year she personally reached over 34,000 (photo #4), and saw many trust Christ. I look forward to preaching again with her translating.


Felipe, another answer to prayer, has served as one of our evangelists for over 30 years (photo #5). He writes: “A horrific tragedy occurred in our neighborhood last month where a five-fold murder occurred. A police officer went on a killing spree ending the life of his 1 and 3 year-old children, his brother-in-law and his in-laws. He also tried to kill 2 more people living at the house with gunshots, but they miraculously survived. The policeman finally ended his own life. It was a very shocking and traumatic situation for everyone, especially the mother (Bethany) of the little ones because while it happened, she was in Spain. The policeman made a video call to her while he was committing the act. She is going through an extremely difficult time.

“We had always wanted to visit this family after hearing about it in the news, but couldn’t find the right time to go. Eventually God guided us to visit the house last Friday. Francisco, a young man that works with us has a friend that knew the family and invited us to go. Our visit was very opportune because the day we went to the house was the same day Bethany arrived to see her family after having spent 15 days in quarantine. The Holy Spirit guided my words while I spoke to about 14 family members and friends that were there (photo # 6). I presented the plan of salvation and Bethany received Jesus into her heart and told me that she believed. Others did as well. Bethany asked that it wouldn’t be our last visit. All glory be to God.”


Robson, our Director and answer to prayer, writes: “God has given us the privilege of being part of an incredible story with the Yuquis, a Bolivian tribe. In our evangelistic meeting, a small group of the Yuquis was reached in the center of Santa Cruz. We then started to visit them regularly in their village [several believed and were baptized - photo #7]. Shortly after the first contacts, we discovered that they had been reached more than 50 years ago by New Tribes Mission, which did a wonderful job. Unfortunately, the missionaries were unable to stay.

“Five years have passed since we met them and now we finally have the opportunity to train a Yuquis pastor in partnership with a local church which has even built two churches (indigenous style) with its own resources. We visited the village with other brothers, and upon returning from this trip we received news of the first case of Covid-19 in Bolivia. A few days later, a general quarantine was enacted in the country. Unfortunately, the virus reached the tribe.

“Our greatest concern with the Yuquis was related to their health history, since Tuberculosis has affected a large part of its population for a long time, which makes Covid-19 extremely dangerous for them. On July 22, there were 18 confirmed cases and 40 suspected cases in the community, which has just over 200 inhabitants. Due to the difficulties that Bolivia is facing in this pandemic, and the isolated location of this tribe, medical assistance to it has been greatly compromised. Thus, the Yuquis were facing a sentence of almost certain death and extinction.

“But we praise God, for He miraculously provided the resources to help these people! Many people contributed, which allowed us to buy the medicines and safety equipment that the Yuquis needed. A doctor is taking care of the Yuquis with the resources provided by God's people. The doctor was so grateful for the support that she said that she will introduce us to all 64 indigenous communities with which she works so that we can develop our ministry there. Praise the Lord for this incredible opportunity!” – Lord willing, I will join Robson again next year.

MY SCHEDULE When the countries of our national evangelists come off lock down, and a Coronavirus vaccine is developed, I will begin flying to them again. Meanwhile, we are in contact by whatsapp, email, phone, zoom, etc. We all can’t wait until we are back again on the front lines preaching the gospel. I will be visiting Ecuador again, where I began OAC almost 20 years ago with David & Monica Proaño. Now David has become our OAC International President, and has asked me to be his OACI Administrator. It is my privilege to also serve him in this role.


  • For Elaine as she is back teaching the four-year-olds at our church preschool, whose temperature is taken each morning, but whose social distancing is impossible!
  • For the Lord to keep us all, including you, free from the coronavirus, and to preserve the fruit of this ministry, including in the Yuquis tribe and the Paraguayan widow and friends.
  • For the Lord of the harvest to continue providing the financial support for all our National Evangelists, and us, and to soon give a full schedule of evangelism.
  • For gifts to “Where Most Needed” which go mainly to help our evangelists in Kenya, Asia, Paraguay and Peru. Donations may be made here online.


May God greatly bless you who are faithfully standing with us, and provide for all your needs.

Compelled by His Love,

David & Elaine

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