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Newsletter of David & Elaine Wilson - March 2020

“As my Father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20:21)


Dear Friend,

The Lord Jesus went to people where they were, and proclaimed the Good News of salvation. Now He wants to send us to the unreached, even to the ends of the earth, to proclaim the same message. He was moved with compassion, and we should be also. In 2019 our evangelists in 10 countries reached over 500,000 with the glorious Gospel of Christ. We thank God for you who are standing with us, and are making this possible.

KENYA When the early missionaries went to Africa over 200 years ago, it was known as the “white man’s graveyard.” It has claimed the lives of more Protestant missionaries than any other area of the world. This was mainly due to disease. Even on my trip to Kenya last month, one of our Kenyan evangelists (Kamau) came down with Cerebral Malaria and Typhoid. Today I just learned that Jacinta also has come down with Typhoid. Thank God that there are drugs today to quickly kill these deadly diseases, but these were not available to the early missionaries. Their sacrifice to open the way for Christianity in Africa in the nineteenth century has led to Africa (south of the Sahara) becoming one of the most fruitful mission fields of the world.

We passed Zebra (picture #1) camels and a big wild elephant running towards us, as we drove into the interior. Lions are also there, but rarely come out in the day time. The air was clear of pollution, and at night the stars shone like jewels. We traveled to Bungoma, near the Ugandan border and Lake Victoria, and began a week of evangelism. It was a great joy to see our Kenya evangelists again (picture #2). Last year they proclaimed the pure gospel to over 100,000 people. Moses is our National Director, Jacinta our Bookkeeper/Evangelist (whose work always passes the audit, and who reaches thousands in schools), and Kamau an Evangelist who will soon open a new branch of our ministry in Kenya. The Toyota Landcruiser, seen behind them, is the only vehicle that can stand up to wilderness driving. The Lord has just provided this Landcruiser through a committed couple in the US, making it possible for 3 branches to operate with Moses, Kamau with the old Landcruiser, and Jacinta with a small car.

The median age in Kenya is only 19, and 1,600,000 of the population live with HIV. So, we target the schools as well as the villages. There is total religious liberty to preach the gospel in the schools (picture #3). One principal, after an assembly with 1000 of her students, invited us for refreshments and said before some of her teachers, “I give this program 100%. Come every week, every day – I will give you time always to speak to our children. This is what our children need.” She had taken my sketch and said to the teachers that teaching with visuals is the method they need to copy.

In another school the principal decided to give us the whole student body...all 2,900 of them... the largest number of students we have ever spoken to at one time. Almost none of the schools have auditoriums, so we meet outside. Assemblies are no problem with High school students, but elementary students can pose a problem if there are too many. Jacinta, an excellent translator (picture 6), put my words into Swahili as we began the message. We used our sound system, as theirs was malfunctioning. They had put us on a large raised circle of earth, but as we began, a teacher told the students to come in closer. This immediately started a wave of children pushing forward and up over the circle as they charged us. Alarmed, I silently prayed to God for Him to protect the children from being trampled, and us from being pushed over. After beginning the message again, God answered and graciously came down upon them. They became quiet and still as He spoke to their hearts through His word. Although we won’t know until heaven how many truly trusted Christ as Savior, the sound of many voices praying to receive Him at the end of the message reminded me of His words: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Both Elaine and I put our trust in Christ when we were young. After thanking God for what He did, I decided that future assemblies will be limited to 1500.

At night, we went to towns and villages, where Moses drove around announcing our film through speakers on top of the Landcruiser. We then set up the screen, video projector, sound system, etc. An hour before our time to start, people began to come, but each night the rain also came, sometimes with thunder and lightning. The people dashed to find shelter and we took the projector and amplifier with us into the vans. About 45 minutes later, it would stop and we would set up again. The Lord wonderfully drew up to 750 people each night, sometimes with the crowd standing in light rain as they watched our 90-minute program (picture # 5). The video, in high definition, was always paused at the cross, while the clear gospel was preached with a sketch in black light (picture #7). Many prayed openly to trust Christ as Savior. Local pastors were always with us to help. Often as we finished taking down the equipment, the rain started again. Only once did God allow us to be rained out, but this was on the last night. We had an 11-hour drive ahead of us in the morning, so God knew we needed the rest.

I rarely take a mission team with me, but this time John, the chairman of Worldwide Proclamation (picture #4), his daughter (picture #5), and a friend came who took these pictures. They were a good team, and received a vision for the harvest fields of Africa.


  • For the quick healing of Kamau and Jacinta, who are taking their medicine.
  • For God to call 2 young evangelists to join Moses and Kamau in Kenya, and for their support ($130 a month – Intern Salary).
  • For my coming trip to South Asia, and for Elaine’s ministry and holding the fort here.
  • For God’s protection on our evangelists in 11 countries.
  • For more gifts to the “Where Most Needed Fund” that subsidizes our national evangelists especially in Kenya, South Asia, Peru and Paraguay.


THANK YOU May the Lord abundantly bless you who are standing with us with your prayers and support. This is a faith ministry receiving no other support than that which comes from God’s dear people. We are very grateful, and privileged to serve Him.

Compelled by His love,

David & Elaine
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