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Mikhail & Larisa Tsvirinko

OAC Russia was begun with David Gabrielyan in 2002 (preaching in picture above), who along with the Baptist Union, helped us to register with the government in 2005. Later Mikhael Tsvirinko joined our staff, and the base for OAC was moved from near Moscow to the Black Sea region where he lives. Here the weather is warmer, with many tourists coming in the summer. After swimming in the warm waters during the day, they walk the promenades along the beaches during the night. A crowd gathers quickly to watch an OAC program, where our evangelist uses a sketch board with black light to present the gospel. Many of them were forced to live under Communism in the past, and were taught atheism. Now they are presented with a clear message of the gospel, and invited to trust Christ. Church teams help with the counseling.


Working closely with Baptist Union churches, OAC is receiving invitations to hold evangelistic outreaches. Cultural Centers, which were once used under Communism for indoctrinating the people, now make good places for presenting the gospel during the cold the winter months. Programs in public schools, using videos on drugs and values, allow our evangelists to bring the transforming message of Christ to students. Orphanages allow gifts for the children along with a gospel message.


Doors are opening for evangelism in Russia. We thank God for the blood of the martyrs and the prayers of His people.

Misha giving gifts from Samaritan's Purse to orphans after the message
Misha proclaiming the gospel in the open air
David Gabrielyan preaching at the Black Sea
Presenting Christ in a public school
Orphans taking in the Good News
Public school assembly
Hearts opening to a loving Savior
Follow up

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