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WP Kenya staff

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Located in N.E. Africa with a population of over 35 million, Kenya continues to be a solid base for Christian ministry to Africa. While there is a good percentage of evangelical Christians in the south, there is a great need for evangelism in the north, where many unreached tribal people are responding to the gospel.

OAC is targeting these unreached tribal people through open air outreaches using the "Jesus" film in their languages. Hundreds of people are coming to each meeting, including Muslims. They are very open to the preaching of the gospel, and many are responding to Christ. Pastors are attending the outreaches, and churches have been planted.

Over half the population of Kenya is under the age of 15, and public schools are open for religious education. Principals have allowed OAC to present the gospel to their whole student body, sometimes 1000 students in a single assembly, and many students have prayed to trust Christ as Savior.

To reach the remote villages, our evangelists must leave the roads and drive through wilderness areas. This is extremely hard on the OAC truck, which requires excessive maintenance. Tires last only 8,000 miles. To save fuel, they stay out in the villages for several days at a time. often sleeping in tents. Although the operating costs are high, the precious souls being reached are priceless.

Kamau preaching in a school assembly

The film is paused at the cross, and the gospel preached in black light
Jesus film showing in their language

Moses preaching at a film meeting
Crowds watch the film and preaching for 2.5 hours
Jacinta sharing Christ at a school assembly
Nomadic tribal women
School children listening to a sketch board gospel message
Typical tribal home
  Giraffes watching the WP truck drive by
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