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South Asia - Sewing Schools

Sewing school in South Asia.

If a girl is born into a lower class family in South Asia, she will probably remain poor for the rest of her life. However; if she is taught a skill, she and her family can quickly come out of poverty. Our four Sewing Schools in South Asia are providing this opportunity free of charge to approximately 100 students each year. They are being trained to certificate level, and are then qualified to find employment, or to start their own little sewing school businesses. Even more importantly than this is that through daily devotionals by our Christian teachers and OAC evangelists, some of these women, without any coercion, are coming to faith in Christ. This makes the results eternal.

It costs only $15 a month to sponsor each of these students. Simply designate your gift for "Sewing School South Asia."
Note:  As a registered mission in South Asia, we are required to help “elevate the poor.”
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