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Dear Friend,

We thank God for your interest in the frontline ministry of Open Air Campaigners. For 124 years, OAC has been reaching the unreached with the gospel. In 1990, a new Branch of OAC called the Overseas Ministries was established in Florida, with the purpose of opening new OAC Branches in developing countries using national evangelists. Now new national branches have been established in 12 countries, where our evangelists are reaching over 1000 people every day of the year.

Only the “OAC-Overseas Ministries” Branch in the USA will be changing its name. As the word “campaign” can refer to wars (Jihad) and politics (candidates), our Board felt that the time has come when it would be wise to use a more neutral name to clearly describe our ministry. So we voted to change our name to “Worldwide ProclamationSM.” We believe this name is both Biblical and neutral, and will better help us relate to churches and non-Christians. We will remain a member of “OAC International,” and our purpose will not change, which is proclamation evangelism.

On January 1, 2017 our name officially changed. For those mailing a check to us by regular mail, please make the check out to “Worldwide ProclamationSM”. 

We are deeply grateful for your prayers and support over the years that have made this ministry possible. We are a team, and together by faith, may we continue to be involved in world evangelization until the gospel is proclaimed to every tribe and nation for His kingdom and glory.

May God bless you abundantly


David Wilson


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