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Sewing Schools for Poor Women in South Asia Newsletter

Christmas 2018 
Dear Friend,

Imagine you were born in a town where there were no churches, no hope in your religion of idol worship, no money to learn a trade like sewing, and no peace in your home or heart. Then you hear about our Sewing School that is free, and after our one-year course, you can graduate with a certificate that will get you a job. While our Sewing Schools fulfill the government requirement for us to elevate the poor, they also provide a great opportunity to bring hope to precious women, both for time and eternity. Some of them shared their experience at the graduation service about finding the love of God at our school (photo #5), and said they never had this kind of fellowship before in their lives. The following testimonies show God’s grace at work in these Hindu women:

TESTIMONY – M***  She is a widow and a student of OAC Tailoring School. She lost her husband ten years back, and has three daughters. She was struggling in her life to educate her three daughters, to earn enough to live, and to manage their house. Her oldest daughter married, has two daughters, and is now living with her. One day she decided to end her life, but she saw our signboard and came into our Tailoring School. She heard the word of God and the praising of God in the morning devotions. Now she is comforted and has joy in her life. She is reading the Bible every day in her home. She trusted in Jesus, and wants to come to the church in our Sewing School building, but she is scared of the villagers. She requested us to pray for her family so that one day they will all come to the church. On the graduation day, she stood up and shared about what she learned in our tailoring school.

Upen / OAC Director Assam

TESTIMONY – J**** She is a Sewing School student. from a very poor family background, has 5 kids and is working in 5 houses as a maid servant. She is uneducated, unable to run her family, she is not having a husband. One of the kids, around 5 years old, is having a heart problem. Now J*** is believing in God. She is going to church near her house. Last week she accepted Christ, and started believing God for her family situation, which is in a very poor condition. She is living in a small house(shed), is totally suffering for food and shelter. She is coming to our institute to learn tailoring. By listening to her family story, I felt much pity on her. Nobody is there to take care of her. By God’s grace somehow she is maintaining her family. Continuously she is coming to me for daily prayer. Three kids are going to govt school, and two kids are not going and are staying at home. She is completely believing in Jesus Christ very deeply. There were some changes in the kid who has the heart problem, and the doctor recommended an operation.  She prayed. Jesus made some miracle in the kid, so now decided not to go for an operation.  She is very much thankful to Jesus, and says throughout her life she won't stop believing in Him.

Susan - OAC Sewing School Teacher

TESTIMONY – B*** When I was young and studying in class five to class ten, I struggled with my life. My parents did not love me, beat me, and there was no peace in our family. My grandmother always advised me to obey my parents. This year when I met some of my friends, they told me there is a Tailoring School (our Sewing School) in Salbari. I am interested to learn cutting and stitching so I got admission. Every morning we have devotions, sing songs about the Lord Jesus, and I learned more about Jesus from the Bible. I started to go to SOBAIJHAR Church (planted through OAC). Thank God by His grace I passed class ten exam. I am scared that my society, if they come to know (I am now a Christian), they may take action against me. Pray for me and my family so that one day my family will accept Christ also as their personal Saviour.  

With thanks, B***

TESTIMONY – R***  She had many tragedies in her life. Her husband left her and he got married with other women. She has a son and he is studying in college. And at present R*** also got married with another man. She took admission in our Sewing School and learned cutting, stitching and embroidery. She was really interested in singing Christian songs, and whatever she heard about God's word in the school, she shared it with her family. R*** has trusted Christ as Savior. So please continually to pray for them so that one day they may also know Christ Jesus.

Pastor Subitra       

TESTIMONY – G*** is a Sewing School student. She comes to the morning batch. In the afternoon she is going for house work in 3 houses as a maid servant. She has 3 kids, and her husband is not able to work because he is a heart patient. Before marriage he did not have this problem, but it came 5 years after marriage. She is staying in a cheap rented house. Everyone knows about her husband’s heart problem, but nobody is helping her. She suffers a lot in money matters. She came to me and asked if she could join our tailoring school. After joining, I explained about the Bible and about Jesus. She started believing about God and the Bible messages, and accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour. After a few weeks she told me that she has a miracle in her life. One by one she saw problems starting to get solved. She saw some earnings for her daily bread. Now she is trying to put her kids in school for the next academic year. What she is earning is not sufficient for her family, so I purchased her a sewing machine in instalments for the purpose of stitching. She told me that she will pay the instalment amount every month.  

(This report was given last Christmas, and now a year later her teacher reports that she is doing well by the grace of God, and is making a good living using her sewing machine and training to support her family).

Susan - OAC Sewing School Teacher           

These testimonies are miracles of God’s grace though our Sewing Schools in South Asia. These women heard the way of salvation through Christ for the first time in our schools. They were not coerced, bribed, or forced to change their religion, but those who come to faith in Christ come by their own free will. Our teachers are well qualified and committed Christians.

Our sewing schools are free of charge to the students, but this is made possible from overseas donations. It costs about $15 a month per student to cover the cost of the teacher’s salary, rent, electricity, cloth, machine maintenance, etc. This is an investment in the precious lives of women for time and eternity.

To support a woman or women, please use the enclosed envelope and check “Sewing Schools” on the card. Or you can go on line at and click on DONATE. Under Category & Funds, click on the arrow and then on Sewing Schools, and put in the amount. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

May the Lord lead you regarding these precious women, for whom Christ died.

Compelled by His Love,

David Wilson  

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