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JULY 2019

Dear Friend,

We rejoice over the way God is blessing our Sewing Schools. Up to 100 women attend every year, and graduates find work or start their own little sewing businesses, and so come out of poverty.

Most of these students are Hindu, a few are Muslim, and very rarely one may be from a Christian denomination. None of the women are ever forced or coerced to become a Christian, and will graduate whatever their religion may be. However, they do hear about Jesus Christ as the One who loves them, died for their sins, rose again, and can change their life and eternal destiny. Some come to faith in Christ, like these you will read about below. When they acknowledge they have become Christians in this Hindu country, they can suffer persecution. Their photos are on the picture page. Although these women have beautiful smiles, their culture teaches them not to smile for photos! Few, if any, could afford training in sewing, so our schools are completely free. They are supported by Christians overseas. Here are some of their testimonies:

PINKI - She is from poor family having two brothers and five sisters. She is the youngest one. Her father is doing daily wages so cannot send her to school. She was very much discouraged thinking what to do. One day as she was passing through, she heard singing in our Tailoring School. Then another day she came and asked how can I join this school. Then RUPA told her this is free of cost. She joined and she is now learning (Christian) songs, Bible stories and Tailoring (Cutting etc.). She is now happy getting peace and joy after joining Tailoring School. She trusted the Lord, started going to church. Her friend called her a Christian girl, then she said, “Yes, I am Christian.” So, this is fruit that shows God is working. Her prayer request is for her whole family and society, and that through her all will accept Christ.

With Thanks, 
RUPA (teacher)

ROSHINI - I am from a Hindu family. I was very broken down because of my

husband, he is an alcoholic and I was hot tempered. Our family life was not going good. We start to live separate. At that time I came to know about OAC institute. I joined and the devotions started to change my life, and led me to forgive my husband. Now there is joy in our house and I gave my life to Jesus. I thank GOD for OAC and all the people for making it possible that we could learn stitching free of cost.

CATHERINA (from a tribal background) - I want to make some money for my living, but I could not find any way. Then I came to hear about OAC and joined. Now I learn stitching and able to make some money. I also learn how to pray to God and read Bible. My brother was alcoholic, and due to that one day he became very sick was admitted in the hospital. I prayed to Jesus, and he became alright after that, he stop drinking, now he also join me in prayer. Jesus changed my life and my brother’s life. We are very much thankful to OAC.

GANGOTRI (from tribal background) - I was orphan and no one was there to take care of me. I was very much disappointed, thought of committing suicide, but I thank God for OAC Institute where I found someone who loves me and give his life for me. Now my life is changed, now I want to live for Jesus, and help the orphaned girls in our society to stand on their feet. I am happy today because Jesus loves me.

MAMATA (from a Roman Catholic family) - I am really blessed by joining OAC institute. I could learn stitching and the truth about Jesus Christ. We never prayed or read the Bible in our home. My spiritual condition was pathetic. I had no personal relation with Jesus. My children were rebellious. Now things changed. Now I have love for word of God. We pray. Our children show interest in spiritual things. It all happen in my life because I joined OAC institute.

The Lord has truly done miraculous work in the hearts of these precious women. They are all very grateful to those who sponsor them. It costs us about $15 per student per month to cover the costs of the cloth, sewing machine maintenance, electricity, teacher’s salary, rent, etc. There are no other free Sewing Schools.

We thank God for those who are supporting and praying for these women and the teachers. You are laying up treasures in heaven.

Click here to donate online. Under Category & Funds, click on the arrow and then on Sewing Schools. Put in the amount. Thank you.

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

May the Lord bless you abundantly for standing behind these women for whom Christ died.

In His Unfailing Love,

David Wilson

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