Join one of our Mission Trips, and experience the mission field firsthand. You will work alongside our OAC National Evangelists in frontline evangelism. Teams go to Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Jamaica, Kenya (adults), Russia and Ukraine.
You can be on a drama team, give out literature, share the gospel through an object lesson, witness to interested people, or learn to preach a sketch board message. Our evangelists will interpret for you.
A mission trip lasts for 10 days and is open to church groups of approximately 12 people. Half a day is scheduled for touring, and the rest of the time is spent doing evangelism in plazas, parks, streets, schools, etc. On Sunday the team participates in an evangelical church service.

The team stays in hotels, eats good and safe food, drinks bottled water, travels in good vehicles, etc. All expenses in the country are included in the cost of the mission trip.

For more information, please contact David Wilson at davidjeffrieswilson@gmail.com or (904) 827-9715.

Testimony from a recent Mission Trip to Brazil

I counted 31 meetings that we participated in - I estimated close to 5,000 people heard the loving message of God’s grace through the gift of His son Jesus!! The prison and orphanage visits had a great impact on my team. Renee and Stacia (both mothers) were especially moved by the children in the orphanages. They could have spent the entire day loving on the children!The plaza meetings were very well attended. I counted at least 300 people at many of the plaza meetings. I am still smiling over the man who came up to us in the plaza in Rio to share that he was in the same plaza 4 years ago and stopped to see your Redeemer drama and sketch board message. He shared his life was changed because of hearing the Gospel message! He is now active in his church and mentoring other men. PRAISE GOD to see some of the fruit of your work! And then to have this same man come back an hour later (to give us bottled water he bought), only to be there when we were praying over a crying man who thought his life was worthless. To see this new believer step in and talk with the crying man was powerful! God’s timing is incredible!

Bob M.

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