Anatoly & Yulia Kushnirchuk

Anatoly joined OAC in 2001, and is our National Director for Ukraine. He is married to Julia, who is from Crimea. Both are Ukrainians and graduates from Kiev Christian University (a Baptist Bible College). 
Anatoly's grandfather was killed by the Nazis for hiding Jews during WWII, and his father was baptized in a forest by the underground church. Because his relatives suffered persecution, the whole family was offered American citizenship. All went to the US except Anatoly, who chose to stay and reach his countrymen for Christ.
Working closely with the Baptist Union, OAC is training church teams to evangelize in their areas. People hearing the Good News of salvation through the public proclamation of the gospel in plazas, in open air film meetings shown in villages, in Cultural Centers previously used for Communist propaganda, and in orphanages. Public schools are allowing students to watch our films on drugs, alcoholism, and AIDS, which are problems now plaguing Ukraine, and students are challenged to choose God's way in life through faith in Christ.
Invitations for outreaches and training are coming in from pastors all over Ukraine. Fruit is coming into the Church. Anatoly is a member of the OAC Ukraine Board of Trustees, and is also overseen by the OAC - Overseas Ministries. Because the words “Open Air Campaigners” cannot be translated into the language, OAC is known and registered as "Worldwide Proclamation" in Ukraine. 
Anatoly’s ministry has changed temporarily due to the war with Russia. Often he is called to the frontline to be with the soldiers. He is finding hearts open to the gospel because of they are facing death. Many gladly receive New Testaments, and are being counseled. Anatoly and Yulia are having a vital ministry to the widows and orphans.

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