Jorge & Suani Ortiz

PERU lies on the west coast of South America with a population of over 30 million. Lima, the capital, has 7.5 million. About half the population is Amerindian, and these Indian tribes were already there when the Spanish conquerors came. Independence from Spain came in 1824, but a long history of dictatorships and military rule followed. Democratic government came in 1980, but corruption and Maoist terrorist movements brought the country to its knees. Over 30,000 perished. During this time many people came to faith in Christ. Today there is peace and great opportunities for evangelism. Religious freedom is guaranteed in the 1978 constitution. Evangelicals number about 9%. The fields are "white" for harvest.

David Wilson met Samuel in 1983 when he taught a seminar at a seminary in Lima. Samuel never forgot what he learned and used it over the years. David's address changed a few years after the seminar, but Samuel was finally able to contact him 30 years later through the OAC Brazil website. Unknown to David, Samuel and others trained in the seminars went on to preach the gospel in the plazas to thousands over several years with many coming to Christ. Samuel became our pioneer evangelist to help establish OAC in Peru. The Lord provided a new ministry van, and he began taking out church teams for open air evangelism in Lima. This led the way for Jorge and Suani, both trained by OAC in Ecuador, to come to Peru as fulltime missionaries. Samuel then took a position as a pastor, but continues his involvement with OAC Peru by serving on the Board and taking out some church teams for evangelism. Jorge is now the National Director, and OAC Peru is now registered with the government.

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