Dem. Rep. of Congo

Situated in the heart of Africa, formerly known as Zaire, the suffering here has been enormous over many years. More than five million people have lost their lives through wars, violence, starvation and the collapse of the health system. Thousands of Christians and hundreds of missionaries were martyred in the Simba Rebellion of 1964. Many others have died in the conflicts from 1991 until today as tribal warfare continues. There has also been exploitation by foreign countries, and corruption by dictators. Now it seems that recent elections have paved a way of peace for these 86 million people, and all the suffering has prepared a harvest of souls for the kingdom of God.

In 2019 the DRC Government approved our application to register as an evangelical mission of evangelism. Fred, who is Congolese, is our pioneer evangelist. The first open air film meeting was held in Goma in April 2019. Over 400 stood for 90 minutes to watch the JESUS film and hear the Gospel message preached. As many responded to put their trust in Christ as Savior, there was applause. There was no opposition. We were presenting Christ as the only answer for our lives in time and eternity, with no political or tribal agenda. The same happened at following meetings with up to 600 attending. In one village, people even stood in light rain to watch. We had to use iron stakes and a rope to keep the crowd from pressing forward on top of our video projector and us. After many responded to trust Christ as Savior, people cheered and shouted. Usually we had a local pastor with us for follow-up. 

The median age of the DRC is just under 17 years, due to war and disease (AIDS, etc.), so it is very important to also target the youth. Each public-school district has a pastor, who readily invited us to preach to all the students in the elementary and high schools. At one place they combined both schools to give us 1000 students. The interest and attention were tremendous, as well as the response to Christ as Savior. Each student and teacher are given a comic tract (Chick) in French on salvation. The headmasters begged us to return.

Churches are inviting Fred to come and show the Jesus film in their neighborhoods, and to preach the gospel. Truly the Lord of the harvest has led us to the DRC.


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